The luggage rack of the XXIth century for scooters

The only support for all your needs.

Fast, Simple and effective !

Leisure, Trip and Work...

Welcome to the website P.T.L

The PTL was born of original idea, the idea was found when this inventor wishing to go on a trip and he already had a scooter, he wondered how he could transport luggage while being mobile and without to fool about, and all that scooter.

He decided to create the PTL that would be an universal support for the vast majority of scooters.

The P.T.L was created by Régis Colin.

A solution to your all parking problems

Save time and money, From plumbers to window washer, physiotherapists or breakdown mechanic...

  • For all you needs
  • All types of scooters
  • Fast, simple and efficiant service
  • No holes or fixation screws
  • It's time saving
  • Saving of money