Moving P.T.L easy and convenient

Finally a single carrier for all your needs.

Fast, easy and effective !

Leisure, Travel, Work ...

What is the P.T.L ?

The PTL (Gate A Side) is a universal support, is made to fit on a vast majority of scooters in order to transport all types of product for all use.

Those who have a scooter in the PTL find an extremely useful. For example : You are professional, you move a lot, but traffic is very dense, you should go see a client and park easily, the scooter is the ideal solution.

But how to transport your tools, your electricians kit, pots of paint ?... It's very simple, just set up the PTL will expand transport capacity of your scooter and facilitate the trafic.

With PTL, you become mobile, fast, and you carry what you want.

  • For all your needs
  • All types of scooters
  • Fast, simple and efficiant service
  • No holes or fixation screws
  • It's time saving
  • Saving of money

The P.T.L under all angles