Needs a P.T.L?

A transport solution mobile and rapidly.

A great tool to accompany you anywhere.

Made the right choice in buying the P.T.L!

Why buy P.T.L?

It's simple, the PTL is a major asset for your scooter, a real tool that you will benefit many.

You will find below the benefits of PTL:

  • For all you needs
  • All types of scooters
  • Fast, simple and efficiant service
  • No holes or fixation screws
  • It's time saving
  • Saving of money

Order P.T.L :

  • Delivery in less than 72 hours in France.
  • Out of stock : PTL is available under 4 weeks.
  • The PTL weighs 4.7 Kg.
  • Manufacturing steel electro.
  • Matt black epoxy paint.
  • The PTL is delivered with user manual and tools.